It's more than a cookbook. It's a whole new way of life! 

About Save The Males: A Cooking Manual for Men &Women Too

If you ever thought "I don't know how to cook" - Save the Males is for you!

Chef Gordon says: "I can help!  In Save the Males, I'm giving you the benefit of what I learned. The idea came to me when I was suddenly thrust out into the world after a bitter divorce. I went back to college and roomed with two guys who didn't know how to boil water and I didn't know much more. Left to our own culinary devices, we ate fast-food, take out or frozen dinners. My health went downhill from the stress of not being able to see my 2 year old son, a heavy class schedule and bad eating habits. Plus, I was putting myself through school and needed a job. I had to save myself. 

Peter Hall, the chef/owner of an upscale seafood restaurant in Sacramento, hired me as a grunt prep cook. I cleaned what seemed like endless pounds of shrimp, cut up cases of broccoli, made gallons of salad dressing and did whatever else needed to be done. All the while, I watched Peter create exquisitely prepared dishes. What struck me was that he really enjoyed his work. I wanted to learn more. He took me under his wing; my basic training began. I worked my way up to become his sous-chef and eventually helped Peter open a new restaurant. I had my share of food fiascoes in those early days but gradually found that not only was cooking relaxing,I was healthier and more optimistic. That's when I decided that someday I would share my experiences with other men who find themselves on their own.

The 21st Century male needs help even more now than I did years ago. Men today are under tremendous stress. We’re burdened by work, zoned out by competition, expected to be creative, make money and hurdle insurmountable problems with the aplomb of James Bond. Women demand that we be strong, sensitive, affectionate, passionate, playful, intuitive, communicative and complimentary but we're still feeling the fallout from the days when radical feminists turned women with flowers in their hair into man-eating plants. The battle of the sexes had escalated into a war.

Is it any wonder that men settle into a sofa at day’s end, soothed by the remote control or rush off to golf courses driving Titleist’s in one direction or go whacky at mid-life? ​Don't reach for a bimbo, a bottle or bunch of junk food—consider cooking. It’s a damned good way to alleviate anxiety, restore sanity and feed your soul. The kitchen is a place to focus, to be in charge and feel successful because you’ve completed a project from start to finish. 

​I look forward to sharing my tips and shortcuts with you. Empower yourself. Get cooking and get healthy. Save the Males is a whole new way of life."

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"I have known Chef Gordon for over 25 years. His passion for food and positive outlook on life shines in Save the Males. It inspires both males and females who need to take control of their kitchens, enriching their lives & those around them."  
–PeterHall, Chef/Restaurateur 
"Save the Males? I say save yourself first! Fortunately, this book helps on both fronts. Sharp. To the point. Effective. Like a good razor. This book will help you conquer the kitchen like a boss.  Great craft beer is optional…unless you're me, in which case it isn't." 
 – Greg Koch, CEO  &  Co-Founder
               Stone Brewing Co. ​ 
​“If you’re a man you need this book. Even chefs will enjoy it!”
– Patrick Martins, Heritage Foods USA/ Heritage Radio Network