It's more than a cookbook. It's a whole new way of life! 

Save The Males Cooking Manual - Simple Kitchen Cookbook

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Chef Gordon 
​Save the Males is  teaches a first-time cook everything you need to transform an empty kitchen into a place where you cook delicious meals for yourself, your family and friends. It’s also a practical foundation for the novice and a great refresher course for any home cook.

Save the Males is fun. Chef Gordon Smith is a regular guy who knows from experience that cooking improves your health, your appearance and your sex life. It can even be empowering. The kitchen is one place in this hectic world where you can have success without stress. Chef Gordon teaches you how to switch from prepared foods to foods you prepare. If you don't start living a healthier life, you could make yourself  extinct.  

​From "Your Equipment Does Matter" to cooking for one or for a week, men cooking for women, cooking with kids and more! If you  know anyone living on fast food and take-out, Save the Males  is a great gift! 
So, when you think to yourself, "I don't know how to cook?"  Chef Gordon is here to help. 

Save the Males is not a just a collection of recipes.  
 It’s a movement for a whole new way of life!

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Chef Gordon has cooked for royalty, celebrities, executives, family and friends. Now, in his mission to Save the Males, he has finally come forward to share what he’s learned over his diverse and exciting career.
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"Save the Males" really covers all the bases in a way that's both wise and witty. Actually, females would learn a lot from "Save the Males," but guys have needed some attention in food matters, and this book provides it with humor to spare."

- Deborah Madison, author of New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone and Vegetable Literacy

Photo: Mary Ann Halpin